Wrong Reasons to Go into any relationship.

So many people are in relationships where they can't explain why they are in, or how they got to that point. Today dear readers i'll highlight some wrong reasons to be in a relationship..

1) Loneliness
2) Age
3) Financial Support
4) Sexual Experience
5) Social Pressure
6) Parental Pressure
7) Emotional Attachment
8) Prophecy or Spiritual Revelation
9) Pity or Indebtedness
10) Match-Making
11) Competition
12) Self-imposed Deadline
13) To impress others
14) Because you are the odd one out"
15) Covetousness or Materialism
16) Curiosity
17) Longdream

My dear readers never be in a relationship for any of these factors. Be in a relationship because you love one another.
"God is in any relationship that has love regardless of the parties involved because God is Love" - Past Sam Enesi.
God bless you for your time, have a blessed week ahead.

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                        By:Akindele Damilare

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