Stop inviting your Ex to your wedding

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Stop inviting your ex's to your wedding.

Don't  allowing your ex to know about your relationship.

Don't discuss about your new relationship with  ur ex, because he/ she we make sure they destroy your new relationship.

He/she we find so many reasons to destroy ur new relationship because he / she is not happy about it,  be careful.

Even though you wish for the best in your relationship, not all romantic affairs will lead to marriage.

 It's always good to wish for the best but it is also wise to prepare for the worst.

If a relationship doesn't work, don't sit and cry all day feeling miserable, move on!

 Dust yourself and put life back into your soul.

Crying and feeling depressed will not win you a new person.

Nobody wants to meet sad people.

They only connect with happy people.

An ex is your past.

If they didn't find you interesting while dating you, why should they find you interesting on your wedding day?

 Why do you invite them?

 Will they help you read your vows? 

What do their presence contribute to your wedding?

 Is it a form of revenge you give to them in the quest of making them jealous? 

Stop that childish act and give total respect to your new man/woman because that is what your new partner deserves from you.

 If your ex wanted to be in your life, they wouldn't have broken up with you in the first place.

 If your ex is brave enough to request to attend your wedding, decline without fear or favour because in granting that request, you are building your new marriage on the foundation of disrespect.

You can't eat your cake and have it back.

An ex is an ex period! leave them in your past and move on peacefully.

 By the time you're discussing about your new relationship with your ex, hmm, thats why some relationship didn't last this days.

Keeping them close to you is recipe for disaster in your new marriage.

 Be warn, be wise and do what's best for your new relationship.

 If you cannot let go of the old things, you can not receive new things.

  • Oil and water do not mix so let your new partner know that you can be trusted.

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