Dj Ob Davido letter to all igala people

Dj Ob Davido letter to all igala people ,
Dear my igala people,
Support your own,
We need you(fans)
To succeed..
Stop looking down on us because we from your state,local government or village..
You can't support ur upcoming entertainers but
You can waste ur mb,time and energy to patronized the likes of lil kesh,Zlatan, Davido WizKid and the rest..
Yorubas don't behave that way ,that's why their boys dominating our entertainment market today....
All this stars you are celebrating today started like this,some of them not even better than us from the beginning of their career..
See talented footballers,film makers,musicians, etc struggling and giving up just because of lack of supports from our people (igalas) you must not give us money but appreciate our efforts to enable us to do more...
We have thousands of international footballers, musicians,actors in Nigeria, how many of your own brothers/sisters among them???
Are you happy about that??
Are we gonna continue like that??
Stars can bring development to our societies too not only politicians ..
You can help ur stars grow by liking,sharing,positives comments,words of encouraging etc....
A help to a brother is also a help to entire state.
I'm from kogi state but people patronizing my music 85% are outsiders, why??
Hatred or what???
I no understand...
And we ghat a lot of people patronizing other artists tru radio,television, Facebook, twitter etc for free without any appreciations from the artists...
My people of kogi state what's happening??
For your information, the stars you are celebrating today started from down and their people helped them grow....
5 thousand friends on Facebook is not just for fashion, we are accepting ourselves as friends to help ourselves grow, not monitoring spirit.
Use that your mb you are wasting on commenting on necked pictures promotes ur upcoming entertainers.
Must we all liv fake life to attract you before you support us??
Let support our self to grow up, don't look down on us because step by step make a long journey,

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