Covid-19 shut down a means to obtain funds or to contain the virus

Covid-19 shut down a means to obtain funds or to contain the virus

Covid-19 shut down a means to obtain funds or to contain the virus

COVID-19 meaning Corona Virus Disease 19, Is a disease that was discovered in December 2019. At China which many assumed that it was created by some scientists and others argued that it was spread through the 5G installed in China.  Whichever is right, I believe that what should be of concern now is how to eradicate this deadly disease.

COVID-19 is now a PANDEMIC now, no doubt as it has spread throughout the world with different countries having to battle with this deadly disease from their country resources. Monies which should be utilized in the Structural, Social and Educational sectors are being channelled to contain this deadly disease, how saddening.

Several African countries have also been recorded as a host for this deadly disease, countries which include Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, South Africa to mention a few

The COVID-19 virus causing a wreck throughout the world. This hullabaloo in another sense, though causing more harm than good has created an avenue for most countries to deprived their citizens from sourcing for their daily bread but they, rather has been feeding fat on this. Using this as a means to obtain funds from federal government and some philanthropic individuals.

In Nigeria for example, contributions have grossed to #15.325 billion. 40 donors comprising of Individuals and corporate bodies.
Below are some of the donors

1. Aliko Dangote    #2 billion
2. Femi Otedola    #1 billion
3. Abdul Samad Rabiu    #1 billion
4. Folorunsho Alakija    #1 billion
Tony Elumelu    #1 billion
UBA.                 #5 billion
Jim Ovia    #1 billion
Oba Otudeko    #1 billion
Segun Agbaje    #1 billion
Herbert Wigwe    #1 billion

The above named individuals contributed there qouta to contain the deadly disease. Yes they are good citizens of our great Nation, Nigeria. But the questions that runs through the mind of Nigerians are, where is this money? are they really using it for it right purpose? If this money is shared, why must anyone be exempted? Well the conclusion is not far fetched "this is Nigeria, anything can happen" is what most Nigerians have consoled themselves with.

Another question is, what if there's no case of COVID-19 in Nigeria. Why have we not have confirmed cases throughout the Nation. You will agree with me that former president OLUSEGUN OBASONJO had from the start of this whole pandemic brouhaha remained firm of his affirmations that COVID-19 cases in Nigeria has remained zero and had challenged the health minister to come out and show Nigerians a victim of the virus.

We must be smart about how we let people handle things for us in Nigeria and how News are being created in this country.


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