Make your money: How to sell MTN data bundles in Nigeria

Selling of data is among the businesses you can do in Nigeria to make alot of money and this article tells you how you can start this business.
What Are The Requirements For Starting Data Selling Business In Nigeria?
a. iPhone, Nokia or BlackBerry and Android and they have the same function.
b. A SIM card that is new since you are going to be moving to a special plan and this is referred to as SIM migration/activation.
Steps To Start The Data Selling Business In Nigeria
1. SIM migration/activation
This process let’s you move from your previous plan to a new plan. This plan is the MTN ‘SME Data Share Plan’ and with this plan you can purchase data in bulk quantities. You can purchase data in bulk quantities and then resell them with profits.
In order to migrate send or text an SMS with the number ‘465’ to ‘131’. This text message will migrate your SIM to this MTN Data Share Plan and you may have to do it again if the first one did not go through.
2. Buy data
You now load your SIM with the appropriate amount of money and then go ahead and by the data plan. Now after loading your SIM with money to buy or purchase data. You now dial the code ‘*461# and then follow the procedures. Once you dial these codes you get a message and this message appear in a menu form numbering 1 to 7. You reply with the number and this reply depends on the action you intend to take.
Reply 1 and this is for 'SME Data Purchase'
2 is for ‘Check SME Data balance’
3 is for ‘Register SME Data Share’
4 is for ‘Change PIN’
5 is for ‘SME Data Share'
6 is for ‘Check Beneficiary List’
7 is for ‘Data Share Balance’
Now you reply 1 since you intend to buy data and 1 is for buying data.
More on buying data
Now when you reply 1 a message will pop out and it will say SME bundle for 30 days. It will show a menu like;
1 is for 10GB at N10000 and 2 is for 20GB at N18000. 3 is for 50GB at N42000 and 75GB at N52500. O is for ‘Back’ and 00 takes you to the main menu.
You now reply with a number and this number should be that of the data bundle you are purchasing.
Example: if you are purchasing data of 10GB you can reply using the number 1 and the cost is N10000. Also 20GB will cost N18000 and so on.
3. Registering your SME Data Sharing
This means you have to get a virtual space and this space will let you market data. Dial the code *461# and then reply using 3 and then you can register.
4. Changing of PIN
Dial the code *461# and then reply using 4. Input the old pin which is normally 0000 . You do this when you enter a new PIN and you can then enter the PIN. You have to change the PIN from default and this is for security.
5. Selling/SME sharing data
Selling data involves dialling the code *461# and then replying with the number 5. A menu will pop up and it will show the bundle size that is available.
1 is for sharing 250M and 2 is for sharing 500M. 3 is for sharing 750M and 4 is for sharing 1GB. 0 is for back and 00 takes you to the main menu.
Note that there is a limit of 10 shares and then proceed. Reply 4 for sharing 1GB and then you will have to input the phone number of the beneficiary. After that ‘Enter your PIN’ pops out and then you can then enter your PIN.
How To Know The Customer Received The Data?
Three methods exist for confirming the recipient got the data and they are:
1. Checking the balance of your Data Share
This will tell you the amount of data remaining within your account and you can then confirm whether there was a deduction. Dial the code *461# and then reply with the number and this tells you about the beneficiaries.
2. Checking the list of beneficiaries
Dial the code *461# and then reply with the number 6. This will show you all the beneficiaries and then give you an SMS displaying all the beneficiaries.
3. Tell the buyers to check the data balance in his or her account
This is among the last option and the buyer then confirms this. However the buyers who are dishonest may not tell you the exact thing and it is preferable to use the first 2 methods.
How to succeed in the Data sharing business
1. Choose network that is very active in your area Check that the network you choose is very active and this helps in your marketing.
2. Ensure that the customers actually get their data in a short time and confirm and ensure the customers get that data.
3. Offer incentives like a 90 days service.
Data sharing business is one business you can do without too much capital and this article tells you how you can start. This article gives you a guide on how to start and tips to succeed.

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