#EndSars: 27 month agitation to launch the quest for Justice and global Black ascendancy

#EndSARS protests: MAMA Centre condemns diversion of COVID-19 palliatives…A cosmic outlook into the new normal via ASHE’s orbit.

By Justice Faloye

Global political and economic structures were predicted to collapse from 2020 to give way to a new 2000yr era of global Justice and Black ascendancy from 2023.

All ancient knowledge systems are aware of this phenomenon – Christians and the 2000yr return of Messiah for judgement, Muslims expecting the Mahdi, the reformer etc.

In the Bible, its timing is  captured as the Apocalypse Horsemen – the 1st Horseman from 2000BC with the iron crown with bows and arrows was that of Ogun, whereby Whites used bow and arrows to destroy and take over Black civilizations in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

The 2000yr era of 2nd Horseman with the huge sword was from 1 AD to 1999/2023 when religious and political dogma of Olokun/Pisces was used to push White supremacy doctrines and religion to subject the Black Race. Now is the 3rd horse man with scales of restructuring towards Justice and global ascendancy.

To break the 2000yr era for accuracy of when to act, we get better help from astrology translated back to our Original African philosophy. The first part of this beginning of the end of this era is the Oya winds of change known to collapse political structures every 250yrs, and entire civilizations every 2000yrs (250yr cycle). 250yrs ago, we had the beginning of the end of Oyo and creation of USA. 250yrs before that around 1520, we had the breakup of the Roman Catholic Empire, the beginning of transatlantic African slavery, Oyo and Aare Oonakankanfo stool.

Currently Oya, winds of revolutionary change, had actually blown into the Obaluaye house of Structure since 2007, immediately crashing the global economy, but the real force wasn’t to be ignited until Oya and Babaluaye met in January 2020, releasing Corona to shutdown the global economy and make the masses lose confidence in all global structures. When it finishes blowing down global structures, it will move into Shango house of Justice and ignite the torch of global justice.

To break it down to manageable time frameworks, we look at the extended stay of Ogun at home from June 2020 to January 2021 as the time for positive action, which might include war, to crash the political systems. However, it appears the quest for Justice won’t really kick off until the next extended Ogun, say 27 months time in November 2022 to the February 19, 2023 elections. Therefore like the 27 month Civil War from 1967 to 1970, we might face an interregnum as a result of EndSars Protests, hopefully which would be limited to anarchy and not full scale war. And even if there is a war and break up, the largest part of it would realign and reformat to push global Black justice and ascendancy.

As much as many of us want peace and would want the protests rounded up, the universe might be bent on crashing the Nigerian political system and take us through rough times until we are actually sure on what type of Just system we desire. Some have argued that the long Ogun stays are cycles of their own before naturally evolving into the next one, and if we would lose the Ogun stem by prematurely packing up.

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This is a global phenomenon especially tied to the present global economic and political system built on White supremacy, the slavery of Nigeria Black heartland and the ascendancy of US, UK and the rest of the Christian civilization over the last 2000yrs of the Age Of Pisces /Olokun and religious and political dogma.

This is about to change despite the trickery of the global ruling classes that sought to fool the world that everything was just by engineering the likes of Goodluck Jonathan and Barack Obama, two minorities, when Oya first swept into the house of Structure, Obaluaye/Saturn. However, the pendulum swung to the extreme as Nigeria got Buhari, USA got Trump and Britain got Boris Johnson, all conservative defenders of the Abrahamic civilizations. Now, those structures are to be hit hard to their foundations based on Injustice and subjugation of the Original African peoples and civilization.

The USA is witnessing its first Oya birthday and is to be shaken by the events surrounding the November 3 presidential election, also in this Ogun extended stay till January. For USA to survive its 2nd Oya cycle, it must root out the racial injustice in its foundations. When it does this right will be known as Oya moves to the point it was at the birth of USA in 1770,as well as that of Shango (Uranus). These are also difficult times for USA which will experience Civil strife and even war, both locally and globally. USA will survive but not as the sole superpower, as China, Nigeria and India catch up.

Britain might not have the chance to recover because this is its 8th Oya cycle, as it approaches its 2000yr birthday this century. Its economic and political structures might continue to shatter, first as it removes itself from the European Union, and next from 2023 when its economic hold on Nigeria and the rest of the Commonwealth is challenged in the quest for Justice when Oya blows into Shango house in 2023/2023 to kick of the 2000yr era of Justice. Stripped of its colonial strongholds by 2041, when Oya blows into the House of Olokun, it might experience floods that see London underwater, finally nailing its coffin as it sinks to oblivion by 2060.

China is bound to benefit from the fall of the Abrahamic civilizations, but Nigeria will be the greatest gainer, despite all the problems starting now which might include anarchy, war, breakup and realignment, like the Romans that broke up their Republic in 23AD only to realign as the Roman Empire 4yrs later as the Holy Roman Empire which brought global White supremacy.

So, let Nigeria Youth be prepared for the long haul. Aluta continua not only to break the injustice Nigeria structures from now to 2023, but building and restructuring Nigeria till 2026, and Black Africa till 2041 after which the Black Race would regain its rightful position in the world. May our ancestors strengthen us for this once in 2000yrs struggle.


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