Onboarding the BWS Organic Investors

official opening of Black Wall Street Economic War house now November 2

The Black Wall Street has begun the onboarding of its Organic Investors in the platform.

The Organic Investors are the first set of people who invested in Black Wall Street before it started flourishing. People who started from scratch.

In a detailed Video, the Leader of Africa’s First Economic War; Charles N. Lambert emphasizes on the imperativeness of organic investors to actively participate in ensuring their investment thrive by engaging in using the platform’s diverse financial benefits and pushing all enrolments as advised by the management of The Black Wall Street

Organic Investors bring the roots and foundation of investing together. That is, treating stock as a long-term ownership position in a company, not an expensive piece of paper in which to gamble.

Investing in companies based on sound fundamental analysis and not speculation. Recognizing there is no need to participate in dangerous, over-leveraged financial products to generate above-market returns.

This is the investment foundation in which the Black Wall Street is building on and the philosophy practised by its team. It is this back to the basics principle that will prevail in the long-term no matter what the short-term entails or what new miraculous innovative financial product Wall Street decides to create.

It is important to become an organic investor with the Black Wall Street because this provides the opportunity for you to earn more from different companies under the Black Wall Street platform.

The Organic Investors majorly see everything from scratch because they build with the company.

Buying products in the Black Wall Street scores point for you which serves as an investment for you the consumer.

The Black Wall Street is the only stock exchange system in the world that is 100% Risk-free because you only invest in companies through points gained from regular consumer product purchase.

In the video below one of the Organic Investors testifies

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