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Episode 9
it will affect our friendship because I hate you right now and I don't want to have anything to do with you again, now leave my house "Sophia yelled and pushed her out of her house and closed the door, she even warned her maid not to open the door for Anita again anytime she comes.
In the evening, Stephen came back from work and saw his wife sitting on the couch with her hand on her jaw, so he walked up to her and was about to peck her but she removed her face and turn it to the other direction.
"Honey what is the problem? was it because of what happened yesterday? look you are taking this thing too far and also you are being hard on yourself, please you have to take it easy on yourself, that you missed the opportunity to get promoted yesterday doesn't mean the end of the world, there is still hope for another time "Stephen said while patting her back
All this is Anita's fault, if she had given me her husband car yesterday I wouldn't have gone late, by now I would have be promoted, Anita will pay for what she did to me I swear "Sophia sadly said and then Stephen took a deep breath and said after a moment of silent.
Honey you are taking this thing too far, I don't see how Anita was the fault of all that happened to you yesterday, you know is not proper for her to give you her husband car, check it yourself "Stephen said and stood up, after that he went inside the room to change.
Three days later, Anita went to Sophia's house again to beg her because ever since the car issue Sophia have not been talking to her, she have tried everything possible for them to be the good friends they use to be before but to no avail. so she decided to go to Sophia's house to plead but the maid refused to open the door for her saying that she was only following Sophia instructions that she don't want to lose her job, so Anita have no other choice but to go back home.
Later in the evening, when Anita husband joe came back from work, she explained everything that have been going on between she and Sophia to him
"since you have tried to make peace with her but she refused, why not let her be after all is not your fault, so why will she be blaming you for what happened to her, just because you did not give her my car to use on that day, that is absolutely rubbish, I will advise you to let her be after all friendship is not by force "joe advised
But she is my childhood friend, I can't just allow her to end our friendship just like that, I will still go to her house again to make peace with her because she is making all this look as if am the cause of what happened to her "Anita said
well... if you say so, because right now am very tired and need some rest "joe said and then went inside the room
The next day morning, Anita went to Sophia's house to settle things with her, on getting there she saw Sophia driving out, so she stopped her.
"please Sophia hear me out I beg you "Anita said and Sophia wined down the glass of her car
what do you want Anita, I have told you to stay away from me, can't you get it "Sophia yelled at her
Am sorry for everything let's be the friends we used to be I beg you " Anita pleaded
Never! as long as am concern I will not have anything to do with you again, I would have gotten my promotion but because of you I went late and missed the opportunity to get promoted, while my colleagues are the ones who got promoted making me to be under them, just go and leave me alone "Sophia said and wined up her glass and was about to drive her car but Anita went and stood in front of the car.
Hit me the car if is what will make you happy "Anita said with a little tears coming down from her eyes and that moment Sophia came out from her car
what is wrong with you, do you want to kill yourself? I almost hit you with the car, don't try this next time again leave the road am running late to work "Sophia said and was about to enter her car but Anita stopped her again
"please Sophia I beg you, am sorry I know it wasn't my fault but all the same am sorry "Anita pleaded and pleaded until Sophia finally forgive her
is okay I have forgiven you, I don't have anything against you anymore "Sophia said and hugged her
thank you Sophia, am very happy right now that you have forgiven me, let me be on my way because of my baby "Anita happily said and after that she left
"Fool! you think I will forgive you easily, I still keep to my word that I will make you shed tears, you think I will forget what you did to me no way "Sophia said to herself and after that she entered her car and drove off to work.
To you what do you describe Anita?

Episode 10
"Fool! you think I will forgive you easily, I still keep to my word that I will make you shed tears, you think I will forget what you did to me no way "Sophia said to herself and after that she entered her car and drove off to work.
After that day they became friends once again, one afternoon Sophia went to Anita's house and they started discussing, as They were talking Anita phone began to rang and it was doctor Linus calling.
"Hello doctor Linus "Anita said immediately she picked the call
Good afternoon doctor, how are you and the baby ? doctor Linus asked
we are fine, so how is everybody over there, I hope there is no problem? Anita also asked
everybody is fine, there is no problem, anyway I just say I should call to know how you and the baby are doing "Doctor Linus said
"Oh that is very thoughtful of you, but I hope the nurses are doing their job very well ? Anita asked again
Yes ma'am, they are doing their job very well "doctor Linus replied
Ok no problem, but in case there is any emergency you can't handle don't hesitate to let me know okay? Anita said
Ok ma'am I have heard you "doctor Linus said and the call went dead
So who was that person that called? Sophia asked Immediately Anita finished answering her call
Is doctor Linus, he is working for me in the hospital, he called to know how am doing " Anita replied
wow" that is very nice of him, so when are you resuming work back in the hospital? Sophia asked
I don't know for now, time will tell you know my baby is still small and besides I have nurses and doctor who are working for me, is whenever I like that I will resume back my work "Anita replied
big madam "Sophia said and they both laughed
"Less I forget, joe my husband bought me two Italian gown "Anita said as she went inside and brought out the gowns
wow this is very beautiful and it look very expensive "Sophia exclaimed while taking a look at the gowns
yes is very expensive, my husband said that he bought it two hundred thousand naira "Anita said smiling
that is a lot of money, he Is really trying for you "Sophia said
yes ooo.... my husband doesn't joke with me, that is why I love him so much "Anita said
please give me this black gown I like it is very beautiful "Sophia requested
Ah no.... this black gown is my favorite, I like it also but don't worry there is this gown I have that I will give you let me bring it for you "Anita said
No I don't want any other one, is this black gown that I want because is very beautiful "Sophia said
ok for peace to reign I will give you this red gown " Anita said and handed her the gown but Sophia refused to collect it
No I don't want this red gown, you know I don't have anything red, please give me the black one I beg you "Sophia pleaded and after that Anita have no choice but to give her the black gown
you have taken all my expensive things from me "Anita said while smiling
you will not blame me my dear, your husband is wealthy, tell him to buy you another black gown "Sophia playfully said
is your own husband not wealthy? Anita said laughing
Nooo..... my husband is not wealthy which you know, he is a salary earner, you will not use your husband to compare mine, because he is wealthy than my husband "Sophia said and they both laughed
Six months later, one morning Joe was going to work with his car, along the line he was attacked by four armed robbers on the road, they beat him up and snatched his car from him.

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