Black Lives Matter: US based director Olive Eko debut thrilling movie ‘Humanity’

Black Lives Matter: US based director Olive Eko debut thrilling movie ‘Humanity’

Black Lives Matter Humanity

In the wake of black lives matters movement which erupted in the USA after the death of George Floyd at the hands of police on the streets of Minneapolis, African stars debut new movie titled “Humanity”. The new movie is centred around the brutality and discrimination most blacks and African people face in their host countries.

The movie which is currently streaming on Amazon prime, Pitching to Netflix, Hulu, Tubi, Google Play, Apple TV stars popular actors such as Alan Washnevsky who played the lead role in the 2016 Academy Award-nominated short film ‘Day One’; Desmond Wyte, Robert Dobson, Richard Fisk, Conor Mesh, Matthew May, Fais Ahmed, Tracy Noland amongst others.

Directed by Olive Eko who also played the lead role in the movie. The Cameroon-born Nigerian actor cum producer described her role in the movie as ‘challenging and quite interesting’ having worked mostly behind the scene as director and play writer.

In her post review, Eko detailed all the efforts and ideas that birthed the production of the thrilling movie, thus she said: “The movie Humanity is very close to me as I have watched people lose loved ones over little things.

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“There are a lot of movies that are out there that caries almost the same message but my movie is centred around a young African family who moved from Nigeria to pursue their African dream but was faced with life-threatening events in their host country”.

The unprofessional act and special discrimination by some military forces especially the police force against black race have often been ignored until the last attack in the USA which led to the Black Lives Matter movement that received extraordinary support from people of all races—and has resonated around the world

“This particular story is being told because a lot of Africans have been victims of police brutality but most of the time, it never make the news.

“I have watched someone close to me go through the pain of losing loved ones in the hands of people who have been put there to protect them. Being an African and see discrimination everywhere you go because you don’t sound or look like the typical white Americans, ” she added.

Produced by faith productions; the movie is distributed globally across media platforms by Aflik Tv. It promises to be impactful and interesting, revealing some of the untold stories of injustice and discrimination most Africans go through in white-dominated countries.

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