Youssef Amir elaborates on what makes Udefy unique and what could he have done differently if given a chance to start fresh

Youssef Amir sheds light on how Udefy, a well-reputed company, is highly distinctive and how it outstands the rest. He also talks about what he could have done differently if he were to start from zero.

Udefy is a distinguished company that offers exclusive movement assessments, personal training sessions, and massage therapy services.

Over the course of many years, Youssef has strived to perfect his services and make a name for himself in the fitness industry. His vision was to help people realize the importance of exercise and the significant influence of healthy living.

And with this remarkable vision, he launched himself into the fitness industry. But the sole reason why his customers choose him over the rest is because of Youssef’s exceptional communication skills.

Youssef easily connects with people and relates to their experiences. He offers a personalized service in which his customers do not feel like they are engaging in a business. They feel comfortable conversing with Youssef.

“I’m also a very good communicator and I find it very easy to connect with people on a human level”, says Youssef.

This is what makes his company unique; the personalized training experience. He builds trust in the relationship he develops with his customers.

Youssef also believes in educating people about what he does. He always answers the “why” question for them which pertains to the services he provides. This way, his customers and he, himself are on the same page.

According to Youssef, “I educate them along the way so they can venture out on their own in the future and be confident in what they do.”

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He looks for the greater good of customers this way, as they remain informed about fitness and massage services they are availing. This helps them greatly when they launch their own venture.

Youssef also discussed how he leveraged his background to penetrate this industry. Very seldom we see fitness trainers who also have experience with massage therapy. But the knowledge and experience of these two closely related fields gave Youssef the advantage and distinction to stand out.

“Both avenues complement each other in the training realm and allow me to equip me with the right tools to handle whatever gets my way”, states Youssef.

Though Youssef is perfectly set in his ways and has nearly perfected what he does, he did claim that if he were given a chance to start from scratch, he would choose to do something differently. He would quit overthinking and would continue to do what he wanted without a smidgen of doubt. He believes a person is more prolific and productive when he believes in himself and rises above self-doubt.

“The amount of time I wasted on overthinking is unbelievable. I would’ve built an empire by now if I would’ve spent that time on something more meaningful”, says the face behind Udefy.

He reprimands people from doing the same as overthinking wastes precious time; this time one could expend on achieving something greater.

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