Mark Z: Business man par excellence

Mark Z made his money selling residential real estate one house at a time until he started leveraging his skills building one of the highest producing real estate teams in the world selling over a billion dollars.

MARK Z’s net worth is rumored to be upwards of $25 Million Dollars consisting of a lot of real estate, including many multifamily apartment buildings throughout the country.

In 2018 he joined eXp Realty and accumulated over 35,000 shares of stock that went from $8 a share to over $165 a share increasing his net worth by over $4 Million Dollars.

For one man to accomplish so much seems impossible, but Mark Z has something to say about impossible. “The truth is that mindset has everything to do with perspective.

Having an optimistic mindset increases the likelihood of formulating a winning perspective and achieving long-term success. A positive mindset is the difference between positivity and inspiration rather than criticism and doubt.

Mark Z applies this mindset to his job and also to himself. “Once you realize it [your business] can be as big as you want it to be, the second biggest challenge is scaling it. What I mean by that is getting the business to run without you so it’s truly a business and not a job.”

Most realtors have to go to work every day making money, but Mark Z explains why that type of job will never reach the potential of earning you billions. “Your business is only as good as the people who are running it. No great team was built alone. Be slow to hire and quick to fire and always look to upgrade your staff, making room for talent.”

Enriching your community is another of the tenets through which Mark Z operates, but he didn’t see the incredible importance of interpersonal ties until a near-death experience left him at the mercy of his colleagues and friends.

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He was at a restaurant with colleagues when he passed out and fell to the floor. They shook him awake and took him to the hospital immediately.

“Those efforts saved my life.” He was diagnosed with Brugada Syndrome, an irregular heartbeat that causes sudden death. It’s an unusual genetic disorder of the heart’s electrical system that strikes suddenly in mid-age.

A few years ago, Mark’s brother died of the same illness that he has since received an implanted cardioverter-defibrillator to prevent. “I’m grateful to my friends for saving my life, and I treasure my time with family and friends, even more, every day.”

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