IPC raises alarm over growing violence in South Eastern states

IPC raises alarm over growing violence in South Eastern states


The Ikwerre Peoples Congress (IPC) has raised the alarm over what it described as “the spate of violence that is currently being perpetrated in parts of Old Eastern Nigeria”.

The group in a press statement signed by its convened, Livingstone Wechie, noted that the developments have resulted in the armed and violent attacks on security formations in some of the Eastern States “and this is very unacceptable”.

In part, the statement reads thus; “We have been monitoring the Ikwerre is one of the largest ethnic nations in Africa and as critical stakeholders,  we are duty bound to speak up because Nigeria cannot to be a threat to Nigerians.

“Some of the unwarranted attacks include the killing of Police and other security agents on their lawful duties including the setting ablaze and wanton destruction of security vehicles and other operational facilities including office structures.

”It is unacceptable that in the circumstance Nigeria should continue to survive on the blood of innocent Nigerians.

“Although it is not in dispute that the Nigerian state has made effort in promoting peace across the country, more can and should be done because lives are going down everyday in droves but the citizens expectation on government is high in keeping with the constitutional obligation of the primary purpose of governance.

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“It is most sensitive because these developments are arising from an age long grievance of the endemic disputations, contentions and unresolved issues that have obscured  and bedeviled the supposed Nigerian state and its acclaimed union.

”It is important to state for the umpteenth time that Nigeria belongs to all of us but Nigeria as is currently constituted betrays and undermines the rights of the ethnic nationalities that constitute.

”Thus the burning fundamental questions must be addressed voluntarily without undue coercion. Nigeria must not forget that we have a history of ethnic conflict and minority questions that resulted in the last civil War.

”We must avoid the mistake of the dark past by doing the needful. It is a great concern however that the Willink Commission report on the minority question has not been implemented till date and this is contributory largely to the crisis facing us today.

“Whereas the killings and violence are condemnable in the strongest terms and remain unjustified in every word, we advise the federal government strongly ensure that force and unnecessary reprisal should not be used to addressed the issues in the present circumstance.

”The federal government should disembark from any perceived conspiracy of silence while the country continues to burn.

“We believe that whereas self determination and land ownership is an inherent right of ethnic  nations and a people have a right to association as enshrined in various international legal instruments which Nigeria is signatory to, but for there to be genuine peace and development in our fatherland,  we must ensure justice for all.

“Doubtlessly, the question across the land is the singular reason that the Yoruba nation, Igbo nation, Lower Niger, Biafra agitation, Middle Belt nation and the parts of the core north ostensibly have insisted on a breakup.

”Without holding brief for pro-Biafran agitators in their right, it is an incontrovertible fact that the Biafran question by itself remains the only ethnic agitation in black Africa that has not been addressed till date even when it has taken more than two million lives and still counting.

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”Yet organizations like the African Union and the United Nations which represent the protective institutions for Africa’s future have chosen to look the other way with delight.

”Hence the Nigerian state should rethink this historical and now notorious question before it is hijacked by unpatriotic elements.

“We therefore use this medium to strongly condemn and caution the violent and radical structures in the East for this utter disregard for human lives and property.

”All over the world dialogue and proper Stakeholder management, strategic negotiations have remained the standard template for ethnic conflict resolution and all aggrieved parties including the state has this capacity at their disposal against the option of violence and armed struggle.

”It is the view of the Ikwerre People’s Congress IPC that no ethnic nation should lord it over the other in the interest of peace.

”The indicators for war have fully manifested in today’s Nigeria but it remains a miracle that we have still remained peaceful and this is commendable.

“IPC charges the Nigerian state to wake up to the present reality to ensure that this already escalating situation and tension is arrested through a proper Stakeholder approach where the root causes of the faultlines are addressed once and for all because the signals are not healthy for the coming days”.

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