Seven signs your male friend is interested in you

The best relationships are those that you never saw coming. They normally are based on a strong friendship bond.
Despite what people might tell you, men and women can be friends and there are multiple reasons to have a male best friend.But what is also possible is that there comes a point in your friendship when one person begins to grow romantic feelings for the other and that is something that can ruin a friendship or transform into something bigger.

So, how do you know if he likes you more than a friend?

1. He talks to you differently than everybody else

His body language will be a clear indication that he likes you. Listen carefully to the way he talks to you and compare it to the way he talks to his other female friends.

Does he pay more attention in your conversations? Is he flirt? Does he laugh more, or make more jokes, or treat you more warmly?

2. He can’t keep his hands off you
When a man like you, he’s going to want to be as close to you as possible, and that means touching you. Not in a gross, aggressive, inappropriate kind of way but in a more innocent and playful way.

He’ll probably find excuses to touch you, like picking lint off your sweater, wiping an eyelash off your cheek, touching your hand when he’s telling a story, or even giving you a high-five that lingers a little too long.

3. His eyes

His eyes will definitely betray him if he is trying to hide the fact that he has fallen for you. He constantly tries to make prolonged eye contact.

This means that he stares at you whenever you are not looking or that he looks you deep in the eyes whenever you look back at him. This shows that he is so in love with you that he simply can’t control his gaze.

4. He stays in touch
He will drop all other obligations to hang out with you, do you a favor, or otherwise be around you – even if you assure him it’s not necessary.

Out of all his friends, he consistently prioritizes you – though you might not do the same.

5. He rarely talks about other women
You know he is single, attractive, and cool, and there's no way there aren't girls who are into him, but you definitely never hear about them.

And if he does mention girls, it's always with the underlying sentiment that he has not found the right one yet, except he has and it is you.

6. He remembers details
So, when you're having a rough day, he can remind you of something you said weeks ago that he can recall verbatim because everything you say means something to him because you mean something to him.

Seriously, one of you has to say something soon so you can just get together and be super cute already. Do it.

7. Is he Jealous?

This sign is super obvious – if he hears about your love life and responds in a jealous or negative way, it’s a strong sign he likes you.This is also one of the signs that it’s the hardest to fake or conceal. The stronger his feelings for you, the stronger his reaction will be if you mention seeing someone else.

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