Bring Back Our Union Says UI, UNILAG and OAU students.

Bring Back Our Union says UI , UNILAG and OAU Students.

The absence of Student Unions in UI, UNILAG and OAU remains rather disturbing. Perhaps coordinated, the absence has led to the silence of youth opinion on governance.
There is no real body today asides NANS (and other aspiring bodies) that really gives the position of students on national issues.

NANS as an umbrella body lacks any real local following of students but is an island of its own comprising a detached sect of unionists from average students.
The reinstatement of Unions, in Nigeria, is an urgent call.
Bring Back Our Union

In OAU, the suspension was not entirely a victimization of the student body. It was the result of management action to avoid budding student crisis. At the time the action was taken, it was popular to a lot of students who had become tired of the daily reports of rascality and violence.
The Union then had become detached. A group of fighting boys. The average student could not relate with what was happening. Hence, fewer attendance at congresses and events.
I realized this detachment when I was making an announcement and a student shouted “what of the bus you people bought?”. Unable to differentiate myself who opposed the idea and those who supported it. Here was a student who was asking me for what I had spent days and energy opposing. They just could differentiate. Everyone was the same because active general participation was lost.

At that time, the Union was really lost, disconnected and already becoming a disgrace to the University. Corruption reports, fighting and other such are ugly things that occurred. This cannot be taken out of the story.
Bring Back Our Union

However, the situation only presented an opportunity to silence student dissent. An opportunity the management promptly took.
The roles of Student Unions cannot be underscored. Everywhere, it is a front for the expression of the youth and an imitation of real governance.
The reinstatement of all Unions presently on suspension in Nigeria is completely desirable.
Bring Back Our Union

It is not proper that a school that desires to educate future leaders cannot even give them a model of something to govern so they understand what it is. To continue spelling out what adults do and how, is to create a zombie generation. Dull, unintelligent and only willing to comply but never able to change anything. A nation raising this kind of people cannot become successful.


  Bring Back Our Union

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