Myno Biography

Myno Biography -

Eze Favour ikechukwu known as Myno was born into the Family of Eze Patrick Nkama in the family of 5 Children, 3boys and 2girls in the year 20th October 2001 at Chinaza maternity home Awada onitsha, He attended his nursery and basic class at King of Kings nursery and Primary school Awada, though he didn't finished his basic class there (he stoped at basic 4)before he moved to Ibadan with his Uncle to complete his Education in the year 2013… When he got to Ibadan with his uncle he entered 1st African Baptist school, Saki, Oyo state Nigeria to finish his basic Education. When he was through with his basic school for him to start his secondary school, he’s uncle never agreed with that, he’s uncle stoped him from schooling and told him to start hulking for him, he have no other option to do that cus he av no other person there as for then….
In the year 2014 Myno realized his talent in music industry. He started by downloading free beats and be vibing on it, his uncle never wanted his progress as he said. He was good in rapping with Yoruba to the extent few people told his uncle to sponsor him but his uncle was neglecting they ideas, not that his uncle was not financially rich but his uncle was busy sponsoring his own children in school… He stayed with his uncle for 3years before his father came and took him back to Onitsha in the year 2016 August precisely….. All this things was happening his parent wasn't aware. When he got back to Onitsha he started school immediately, he schooled at Freedom int’l Academy Awada, He Schooled only Junior secondary school 2 and 3 (JSS 2 & 3) do to financial problem he didn’t took his Junior WAEC…. It wasn’t easy for him then cus he mother was an African salad seller and his Dad was a high purchase keke Rider. Myno decided to drop out from school because of the financial problem his family was into….
Myno Biography

Myno Biography

He hulked pure water from Mcc to Upper Iweka Onitsha to sustain his self. In the year 2018 April, a show was host at Banana Island Awada, it was a show talent showcase show. Myno performed there, though that was his first time of performing but he copped and earn the sum of #2500 be fans. After the show he was a little well known in his area.

He went into fashion and designing in the year 2018 He took his fashion training at Chuka clothiers Vineoil Onitsha
Clothing(fashion and designing) made him what he is today. Without that clothing he can’t be recording because if he earn any amount from there he will push it to music, A times he will be broke for 2weeks (without having a kobo)
Because of the way he was pursuing music…

In the year 2019 he dropped a song he titled Hustler featuring Tbills.

In December 15th 2019 he was called to show up his talent on a show called Xmas Akara and bread the show was host by comedian mrsound at St.Michaels parish Oraiffite street Onitsha, He performed extremely well and he was also called among the winners…

Myno Biography

In February 2020 He released a hit he titled Chioma na Scam….

He made the song for his first love called Chioma, He loved the girl so much but the girl played with his heart, the girl made him shed tears, what the girl did to him was never expected from her because of the way she behaves but later run she did her worst and Myno made the song for her
Birth name. Eze Favour ikechukwu
Born. October 20 2001 (age 18) Onitsha Anambra state Nigeria.
Genre. Afropop, rapper,
Occupation. Singer, songwriter, fashion designer, Record producer
IG- Kvngmyno_official
Facebook -Kvng Myno
Whatsapp -07052698216

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